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Preparing for Vacation

If you need a touch of color before leaving for your trip you came to the right spot! Most clients come two days prior to their departing date. We have seven different shades to offer, after arrival a spray technician will evaluate your skin. Based on the appearance of the client’s skin is how we decide which shade will give you the best results. After you have been sprayed, we highly recommend you get the shimmer post tan. This will be extremely helpful if you plan on being in the water at any point on your vacation. The ingredients include skin firming, anti-aging, fresh scent, quick dry, and a tan extender. Once this process is over you are all ready to go! We have many moisturizing products that will help extend your tan as well. Being in the water dries out your skin quick. This being said, we recommend our clients to purchase moisturizers that we have here in store, it will help extend your tan and have a nice easy fade-off. We favor our So Naughty Nude Aloe Glow. This lotion is perfect for prolonging your tans life and preventing color fade with SunXtend and aloe glow fragrance. Renovage firms, hydrates and plumps the skin while BodyFit reduces cellulite appearance. Dead Sea Mineral Complex repairs skin damage and improve tone and texture of skin. Argan Oil protects against premature aging and increases the elasticity of skin working to reverse any signs of aging. Provides immediate and long-term moisturizing benefits.

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