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Ambassador Program 

Third Coast’s Ambassador Program allows you to promote and support Third Coast Spray Tans & More in attempts to win contest prizes, receive discounts, earn points towards free products and services, and other perks. You will be responsible for sharing your promotional material, including promotion codes, in social media posts in order to gain points.

Ambassador Application 

Quick Terms & Conditions: Upon being accepted into the program, you will receive a personalized code to be used on yourself and to be spread to your social media accounts and followers. This is a code for 15% off of products and services.

In addition to being rewarded for having the highest points each month you also have the incentive of receiving free spray tans, weeks of tanning, and more when you reach a specified amount of points. More information about this is included in the point system section.

All prizes must be used within 30 days of receiving the voucher. Expiration date will be marked on the voucher. Vouchers must only be used by the Ambassador and must not be gifted. Your Third Coast account will be noted with your voucher.

Terms & Conditions

For a complete guide on our rules, terms and perks of becoming a TC Brand Ambassador please download the form to the right. 


Third Coast Tans not only has an ambassador program we also have a modeling team! We are always welcoming fresh new faces for our marketing and branding material.

Email us today to submit your information and photo to be added to our modeling call list! 

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