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The Easiest Way to Tan...

A body wash that tans you really would be the best invention ever. Well, guess what! We have one!

Aviva is a brand of skin care products with body washes and lotions specifically geared to extend the life of your tan. Aviva is plant-based and hypoallergenic to provide a great product for all skin types.

In store, we carry a DHA infused shower gel as well as Aviva moisturizers, exfoliators, and tan extenders. We carry these products to give you the perfect package to complete your tan's circle of life. Use the exfoliator to prepare your skin for the spray tan application. Post-tanning, use the shower gel to wash the tan and complete it's processing cycle. Moisturize after your shower 1-2 times daily to hydrate your skin and keep the tan looking fresh. Use the tan extender everyday to push the limits and get the most out of your spray tan. And finally, when you're ready to take your spray tan off to prepare for your next application, use the exfoliator again!

The Aviva shower gel is designed specifically to push the life of your spray tan by 3-5 days. Most shower gels or soaps tend to fade a sunless tan but Aviva can add that color back into your tan. So, as color is coming off, Aviva can put that color back on to keep your tan even looking and fresh.

Aviva's gentle cleansing formula is designed to lift dirt and removes impurities to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. With a carefully measured dose of DHA this shower gel can be used as a safeguard to protect your radiant sunless glow. This gel is paraben-free, plant-derived, and completely optimized for sunless tanning.

Even without a spray tan, if you are looking to gradually build a tanning glow, use the shower gel once daily to build a color profile on your skin. With a spray or not, you'll be getting that gorgeous color your skin needs!

Don't miss out on these amazing Aviva products. Stop in store today to see what we have in stock! They go quickly but, we are always re-stocking to give our clients the best choice of products available.

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