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Competition and Bodybuilding Tans

Word from the owner,

Spray tanning is the finishing touch to months in the gym and the final step (next to hair and make up) before going on stage. READY! SET! STAGE! Not all tans are equal and stage lighting will wash you out and may not do chizzled muscles the justice they deserve. The darker the tan, the tanner you will appear under the bright stage lights. Your competition tan will look different under natural, indoor and stage lighting. How do you achieve a dark rich sunless tan? Call the professionals with the professional solution! 

Our preferred solution is Pro Tan.

   All competitors must schedule a tanning time slot at least two days prior to an event. Organization is the key to guarantee all competitors receive the tan they deserve! We keep a strict schedule here at Third Coast so please come early and PREPARED!

                                                       With Love,


Competition tanning menu


1. Shave your entire body about 7 days before your tanning appointment to get the majority of your body hair.  Shave again the day before your tanning appointment to remove any stubble or hair re-growth. Use shaving gel and a new razor to rid all hair on body except for face (unless desired.) Make sure to lotion after shaving to avoid unsightly razor burn. Be sure to shave again the DAY BEFORE your sunless tan.

2. Exfoliate your entire body starting 7 days before your tan. Every time you shower SCRUB!! with an exfoliation glove or washcloth and oil fighting exfoliating wash. Get rid of as much dry/dead skin cells as possible paying close attention to elbows, knees, shins, armpits, hand and wrists, throat and sides of torso.

3. Minimize the amount of body lotion you use for the week leading up to your tan. Dryer skin absorbs product faster, dries faster and looks better when tan. We recommend not using any body lotion for at least 5 days leading up to your tan. This includes in-door tanning bed lotions!


1. One last shave if needed! By now you should have no hair left on body; be sure to double check any stubble that has regrown. Do not apply any lotion after this final shave! (Remember we want the skin a little dried out and free of lotions)


2. Exfoliate and shower before bed if your tan is early the next morning! This will give your skin time to dry! Remember no lotion, deodorant or make up allowed on skin.


1. Be freshly showered for your appointment. It will be the last shower you will take before your competition. Freshly showered means the following: ABSOLUTELY NO DEODORANT. NO BODY LOTION, FACE LOTION, PERFUME/COLOGNE, MAKEUP OR JEWELRY ON YOUR BODY.  Next to shaving, this is the most important step. We recommend using Dial soap when you shower because it helps to strip excess oils out of the skin. Do not shave. Shaving right before you airbrush tan can make it difficult for the color to absorb into the skin.

2. Arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early. If you miss you tanning time we may have to bump your tanning session.

3. Loose Fitting Clothing must be worn after tan. Baggy sweats or shorts and a loose t-shirt with flip flops is strongly recommended. Do not wear tight clothing such as socks, bras, tights, jeans, underwear or anything else that could rub off you tan.

4. MAINTAIN YOUR TAN! Avoid contact with water! Do not sweat and be sensitive to the weather conditions. If you have leather in your car be sure to sit on a towel, if its raining wear water resistant clothing, be careful using the restroom not to have streaks on inner legs....ect...

5. Sleep in loose fitting clothing. Your clothing and sheets will absorb any excess tan solution. It's best to wear loose clothing to protect your tan while sleeping. (We strongly recommend bringing black sheets to sleep on in your hotel room.) Also, I recommend my clients put a thin coat of lotion on palms of hands before going to bed. This will protect palms from turning orange.


1. TOP COAT. The day of show we will set up to apply a top coat to finish off your tan and obtain the color desired for most judges.

2. If you have any mishaps we are there to fix you! The top coat can go over your make-up, if your face needs to be darker.


1. Removing your tan. You will notice the "top layer" or second coat of tan washing down the drain. This will tone your tan down tremendously! The weeks following you will need to either let your tan fade off gradually or start scrubbing it off with your exfoliating mitt and scrub. The tan will look blotchy when coming off! REMEMBER THIS IS NOT YOUR EVERYDAY SUNLESS TAN! THIS IS FOR THE PROS!


2. LOTION UP! Your tan will last 5 to 7 day. The excessive DHA, to get the color desired, will dry skin out more than normal. You may now start piling on the lotions and skin moisturizers.

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