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Rapid Spray Tans are the latest trend in sunless tanning!
Everyone is on the go in this fast paced world and now your spray tan can keep up with your busy schedule.

Rapid Spray Tan Care

Green Plants
rapid spray tanning corpus christi
Pink Sea
MINETAN in Corpus Christi

We carry a wide range of Rapid Solutions. 

Leave solution on for 2-4 hours before showering. The longer the tan processes in the 2-4 hour range, the more bronze the tan will appear.


After 2-4 hours, rinse with lukewarm water, no soap, and with the palm of your hand rub the tan into the skin to avoid streaks or lines.


Do not use shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofahs during the first 24 hours after your treatment.


The color guide will wash away, while the DHA solution will continue to work and deepen. Do not be alarmed if you have a grey tint after your first shower, the tan is beginning to process in color.


Follow the same aftercare instructions as a regular spray tan that take 6-8 hours to process.

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